How to Repurpose Your Content Using SlideShare with Ana Hoffman

Have you ever considered creating presentations to communicate with your audience? Did you know that creating SlideShare presentations can be a brilliant starting point for content repurposing?

I recently interviewed Ana Hoffman. Ana is an expert in online marketing and the founder of the successful blog Traffic Generation Café, where she helps online business owners get free traffic to their website.

I first met Ana at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego in March 2017. Ana was a speaker and she spoke about repurposing blog posts and SlideShare. Well…you can only imagine how keen I was to go and see her talk given I live and breathe content repurposing!

Presentations are the key pillar of Ana’s content repurposing process. A particular focus area for Ana is SlideShare, which she’s been on since 2015. She is an expert in creating and repurposing presentations in order to drive traffic to her website. So SlideShare is exactly what I wanted to talk to Ana about!

What is SlideShare?

For anyone who isn’t familiar with SlideShare — it’s a platform that hosts presentations and other documents. SlideShare was founded in 2006 and it’s grown very quickly. In 2012 it was purchased by LinkedIn…then in 2017 LinkedIn was purchased by Microsoft — making SlideShare a Microsoft owned platform.

Whilst presentations are the main content on SlideShare, they are not all boring, stuffy corporate presentations!

Here’s one of ours…

SlideShare is more about using presentations to communicate a message that you may otherwise have communicated in, for example, a blog post.

Comparing SlideShare to YouTube

SlideShare is less intimidating than YouTube for those of us who don’t want to be on video or don’t have the skills, equipment etc.

Even if you do have videos on YouTube, it’s very hard to get traffic to them because it’s so oversaturated. You often have to do a lot of promotion to get any traffic on YouTube.

SlideShare is a great way to get traffic to your website. Ana’s success has proven this and other online marketers, like Jay Baer, are also big fans.

You can create a presentation very easily on PowerPoint (Microsoft) or Keynote (Mac).

Funnily enough, you can also use your presentation on YouTube as well if you like. You can record your screen with screencast software (e.g. Screencast), and maybe even read out as you go through it — then you have a video! Your video need not only be for YouTube, you can then share it anywhere you like, e.g. your website.

Why Ana LOVES creating presentations for SlideShare

Ana explained very clearly why she LOVES creating presentations for SlideShare and it goes like this…

A presentation is a collection of slides…

Each slide is an image and represents a complete thought. In other words it can stand alone…

You can save each slide as an image…which you can use anywhere — on your blog post, on social media, etc.

There are SO MANY content repurposing possibilities from a 10–15 slide presentation!

Getting started

Ana’s recommendations for getting started with creating a presentation from an existing piece of content is as follows

  • Find an evergreen piece of content that addresses and solves a problem that your target market has
  • Shrink it down to an outline — select the headings and pick out the main points. The main points that without them the post would not make sense. Get rid of anything that is not required
  • Find images to go with each heading and each point — find royalty-free images from sites like pixabay. TIP: Find images that evoke emotion but don’t spend too much time on this!!
  • Create your slides — using powerpoint or keynote. 16:9 slides are suitable for YouTube, SlideShare, and most social media platforms. Put your words with your images and you can have text only slides too
  • Add personality to your presentation — you want people to connect with YOU
  • ALWAYS have a call to action — there has to be a goal for every piece of content — it should be to bring people back to your website
  • Save it as a PDF. A PDF is perfect for SlideShare, other document sharing sites like, or for providing a PDF download to your audience (a good thing to do for email list building)
  • Save as images — that you can then share on social media, put on your blog…etc
  • In SlideShare disable the download facility. Instead, include a slide in your presentation offering people the opportunity to download. When they ‘click here’ they go to your website/landing page, here they can add their email address and get the presentation delivered to their inbox
  • You can very easily add your SlideShare presentations to your LinkedIn profile

In Conclusion

SlideShare is not something that I hear a lot of people talking about. My conversation with Ana really helped draw out some of it’s benefits and I hope it has convinced you to give it a go. Please do let me know in the comments below.

To find out more about Ana click here to head over to her website.

Thanks for reading!

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Businesses owner, speaker, author, podcaster and content repurposing expert. Founder of Content 10x (

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Amy Woods

Amy Woods

Businesses owner, speaker, author, podcaster and content repurposing expert. Founder of Content 10x (

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