How to Effectively Repurpose your Content into a Press Release with Sally Falkow

Press Releases Today

Sally Falkow, PR Expert

What is a press release?

Benefits of a press release

  • You can tell your story in a different way than you are on social media and in a blog post. It’s a ‘news’ story and this is a different angle
  • You can reach a large audience via mainstream media
  • If you get featured in large publications, TV and radio you can add this to your website ‘As featured in’ which helps you establish more credibility. People actually do care about these things!

Tips for repurposing content into a press release

  • Look at the content you already have to work with. What content can be repurposed into a news story? What are your most interesting stories?
  • Look with a critical eye, what is interesting and new? Do you have important statistics, unique services or products? Must be a story and newsworthy
  • Avoid boring facts and think about what a reader would like to find out or enjoy learning.
  • As well as answering the classic questions for all press releases, who, what, when, where and how. It is a good idea to include links to provide more information or download content. Make it interactive with buttons linking to your social media accounts.
  • If you have research that you have put into a white paper, that will be very easy to put into a press release.
  • Now is the time to show off your visual content. Think infographics, images and video links that help you tell your story. Your visual content must be relevant. You may be able to repurpose images that you have created already for your website and social media?
  • Think about what media you want to feature in. Wall Street Journal? Your local newspaper? A TV show? Find journalists that cover news where you want to be featured. Build good relationships with those journalists via social media channels such as LinkedIn or Twitter. Connect with them, engage with them and send press releases to them directly to increase chances of being noticed. Building relationships and working with journalists directly is a good approach
  • Don’t clog journalists inboxes with huge attachments, put the whole press release on your own website and send them an email with the highlights and then add ‘Read the full release here’ and give them the link to your site
  • On Twitter there are hashtags that you can follow to look out for journalists looking for specific stories. In the UK #journorequest is the main one

Repurposing a press release into other forms of content

  • Visual content — if you created visual content for your press release use it on social media, your blog, and if you shared statistics can you create an infographic?
  • Blog posts — create a post on your own site or guest post on other sites. Most press releases are not long, so can you extend the story for other written content
  • Video — create a video about your press release. This could be for YouTube, Facebook, your website. You could even go live on Facebook or Instagram to share your press release with your audience in an interactive way
  • Audio — if you create audio content, why not cover the content of your press release in a podcast episode

In conclusion

Thanks for reading!



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