How can content repurposing help underperforming content reach its full potential? 👀

You can’t predict what might happen when you first publish your content. It might not perform as well as you’d expected (it happens to the best of us), it could launch you to viral fame…or anything in between!

Sometimes, that first version of content you publish might not be its most successful iteration… but it might be the first step on an unexpected journey…

… which is exactly what happened with the award-winning, record-breaking, number one podcast phenomenon, My Dad Wrote A Porno.

Disclosure! I’m not about to…

How to Create Content That Grows Your Business… Not Your Competitors!
How to Create Content That Grows Your Business… Not Your Competitors!

Do you create content to grow your business, or to grow your competitor’s business?

It might sound outrageous… but if you don’t create a content strategy to help your audience convert with your business, you might be sending potential clients straight into the arms of your competitor.

A good content strategy prevents your audience from going elsewhere. In this article, I explain how to create a content strategy that builds your business by helping clients convert with you.

How to create content that grows YOUR business

Your problem isn’t that you’re not creating great content.

Maybe you create a fantastic video that you share on LinkedIn every week…

How to Create, Share & Repurpose Memes — 8 Dos and Don’ts
How to Create, Share & Repurpose Memes — 8 Dos and Don’ts

Memes are super shareable, engaging and present a fantastic way to get your brand seen by lots of new people very quickly.

Now, I know you’re thinking, “but memes don’t suit my brand” and I totally get it!

I was apprehensive at first too, but then I realized that there are so many big brands that are making memes work for them. Disney, Netflix, and Denny’s all use memes to stand out in their industries. Plus, their audience LOVE them.

Now you’re probably thinking, but I’m not a big brand, but believe me, you don’t need to be to have…

Make money from podcasting
Make money from podcasting

Podcasting is a labor of love. If you’re starting out with big dreams of making money from podcasting, you might be waiting a while for that million dollar check to hit your account!

Don’t be discouraged, though.

Podcasting is a wonderful medium (I should know, I have one myself!), but it’s hard work. It’s definitely a long-game in terms of building an audience and monetizing your podcast. You most certainly can make money from podcasting… just don’t plan for an early retirement, is all I’m saying.

I’m writing this in the middle of the COVID–19 pandemic, and it seems plenty…

When I talk to people about repurposing their content onto social media and other platforms, they’ll list off Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and maybe throw in something new and on trend like TikTok.

What I rarely hear, though, is people wanting to repurpose onto Reddit. Sometimes it’s because they’re uncertain about how to approach it, other times it’s because they don’t even know what it is!

You might be surprised at just how big Reddit is, so I want to explain more about the platform, what you need to know before you include it in your content strategy, and share…

We’re experiencing what feels like a groundswell of uncertainty around Facebook at the moment.

The company has not been without its controversies over the last few years and I’m starting to see this reflected in conversations with friends and clients.

When we’re onboarding new clients and ask about whether they want their content repurposed on Facebook, more and more of them are expressing uncertainty — either because of personal concerns or because of a lack of faith in organic performance on the platform.

Despite this, Facebook is still the social media platform with the most users on. …

Most people want to effectively repurpose their content. After all, why would you not want to make the most of the time you spent creating all of that incredible content?

But, no matter how much they want to do it, somehow it just doesn’t happen. It doesn’t stick. It takes time to get good at content repurposing but, if you take it one step at a time, it will be much easier to make content repurposing a habit instead of a chore.

That’s the secret — to become consistent we need to build habits that stick.

So, how do you…

What do you do after you’ve finished watching a great TV show?

Go and find more content related to it, of course!

This is why so many TV and radio shows offer companion content, some digital content creators have already jumped on this bandwagon but many haven’t — and this could be a missed opportunity. I’ve got three ideas you can use to start creating companion content today.

Watch the short trailer video below to find out what you can learn from this episode:

What is companion content?

How can you create companion content?

All the best TV shows are doing it —…

Your tweets might not be the first content you think of repurposing, but it’s worth reconsidering that belief. You could be missing out on book deals, TV shows, and newspaper columns…

Okay, the truth is, your Twitter profile probably won’t get you all of that. But it is possible! There are great examples out there that prove a content repurposing mindset can produce incredible results — whatever type of content you produce.

In this podcast episode and blog post I explain the four cornerstone principles that make content repurposing successful — no matter the platform, no matter the size.


Do you use Instagram? I do, I’d say it’s my favorite social media platform.

As content creators, marketers and business owners, we need to maximize the return we get from the time and effort we put into our content. One very effective way to do this (if you do it right) is by repurposing your content on Instagram. Yep — you don’t have to reinvent the content wheel to be able to create content for Instagram, and you don’t have to be a professional photographer or scantily clad influencer!

So, how can you leverage the power of Instagram to not…

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